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From Falling Behind to Leading the Game: The Story of Marco's Turnaround

Anna and Nick always wanted the best for their son, Marco. Lately, they were losing sleep, worried sick. Marco's new friends weren’t the best influence. Anna often found him sad, and his school report cards showed lower grades. They felt their world crumbling.

Trying to bond, they shot a few basketball hoops with Marco. But he just wasn’t into it with them. Their hearts ached. They felt they were failing him and didn’t know how to pull him back.

They knew how vital a good environment was for Marco. They were even ready to drive an hour away, if it meant he'd be in a positive place.

One day, an experienced coach named Ian noticed Marco struggling with his shots. With just a few easy pointers, Marco’s face lit up. For the first time in a

long while, he was laughing.

Anna and Nick felt a ray of hope. They learned about Ian's training program, 'Skills Given'. Not only was it close, but it was also perfect for busy families like theirs and affordable.

With time, Marco's love for basketball grew. And as he improved on the court, so did his attitude and school grades. Anna and Nick felt like they got their cheerful boy back. The dark clouds of worry started to lift. Their home was filled with laughter and chats about Marco's basketball achievements.

Now, when Anna and Nick see Marco, they see a boy full of confidence and joy. They realized that sometimes, all it takes is a little guidance to bring a family closer together. They're not just proud of Marco's basketball skills; they're proud of the strong, kind young man he's become. Every hug, every shared laugh is a reminder of their journey and how far they've come together.

Unlocking Potential, One Session at a Time! Find Out How Our Training Gives Your Child the Positive Environment, Growth, and Results They Deserve.

Clear Growth

You want to see your child do better. We make sure of that. After our lessons, it's easy to see your child getting better at basketball.

We’re Here to Help

You’ve tried your best to teach your child. Let us give a hand. With our team, your child learns fast and you can relax a bit

Safe Space

Your child trains in a good place, away from bad influences. It’s like a safe bubble where they can be happy and learn.

Sure Steps

With regular training, your child will grow more confident. They'll walk taller and feel proud of their progress.

Skill Boost

Every training session helps your child improve. They'll get better with each practice.

Parent's Joy

Watching your child train and get better will fill your heart with pride. You'll love seeing their growth!



This Could Be The Answer If You...

  • Worry About Who Your Child Hangs Out With

All parents feel this concern. If you think your child's friends might be a bad influence, it's normal to want a better environment for them.

  • Feel Tired Balancing Work, Home, and Your Kid's Activities

Days fly by, don't they? If you're always busy and feel stretched thin, it's key to have a reliable place for your child.

  • Feel Sad That Your Help Isn't Working

It hurts when you try to help your child and it doesn't seem to work. Every child is different, and sometimes they need a new way to learn and grow.

Always remember, every parent just wants the best results for their child. It's all about finding the most effective way to support them.


After Just One Week...

Your child comes home happy, talking about new friends from basketball. You feel good knowing they're in a safe and fun place.

In 3 Months...

Life gets a bit easier. Your child is doing great in basketball. Even with everything you juggle, this is one thing you never second-guess.

In 6 Months...

You're so proud. Other parents notice how fast your child is improving. You know they're getting the right training and it's making a difference.

1 Year Later...

What a change! Your child plays basketball with skill and is more confident overall. Thinking back, all the worries and stress were worth these happy moments today.


Looking Out for Your Concerns:

A Good Place for Kids: We know you want your child away from bad stuff. With us, they'll have fun and be around good friends.

Make Life Simple: You're busy with work, home, and taking care of your child. Our training is set up to make things easy for you, not add more to your plate.

A Fresh Start: Tried coaching your kid and it didn't work out? Give us one week. You'll see a change.

Our Promise to You: Satisfaction Guarantee

A One Week, No Strings: If you feel this isn't right for your child after a week, tell us. We stand by a satisfaction guarantee, no problems.

We Care About Your Kid: We want your child to have fun and learn. If they're not happy, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. It's that easy.

You've got a lot on your hands. Let us help make sure your child has a good time and learns something great, without giving you extra stress.






Without training, your child stays in the same place. The bad influences? They're still there.



You'll still be super busy with work, family, and trying to coach your child. It's hard, and you might not see the results you want.



Give your child a good place to learn and play. Less stress for you, and your child gets better at basketball, all while being safe and happy.

Give your child a good place to learn and play. Less stress for you, and your child gets better at basketball, all while being safe and happy.



When I was young, basketball was my world. I loved it, but sometimes, I felt lost. I needed help, a safe spot, a guide. But I often felt alone, missing out on what I could truly be. Later, when I shifted from playing ball to teaching it, things clicked.

Every kid needs that special spot, away from bad stuff out there. That's why Skills Given Training came to life. For parents like you, busy with life but wanting a good, safe place for their kids. I've felt that confusion, watching talent slip away without the right help.

A Safe Place for Your Kid

Skills Given isn’t just about hoops and scores. It's a shield. A place where bad things fade and dreams grow. Here, your kid isn't just a number. They're special, with dreams waiting to shine.

I had dreams too, of big games and cheers. While I didn't become a big star, I'm proud to teach and inspire kids now. My dreams? They're about your kid. Giving them what I didn't have – good lessons, a friendly spot, and hope they can achieve their dreams.


Life's busy, right? Work, family, hopes, and dreams. Trying to teach can be tough. But at Skills Given, your kid gets my best. I've learned from the best players and made a plan that helps kids grow, in skill and heart.

You're not alone in this. I am with you. Because in every kid, I see a bit of young Ian – dreaming big, just waiting for the right push.

Join us. Let's turn worries into smiles. Together, I'll make sure your kid grows in all the right ways.

Full Circle: My Basketball Journey and the Birth of 'Skills Given'

In college, I was passionate about basketball, but I struggled with my shot and couldn't play at my best. After college, I dove deeper into the game, studying it and starting to coach kids. Something amazing happened: not only did the kids get better, but so did I! I realized that the right training could help anyone succeed. Now, with everything I've learned, I sometimes wish I had this knowledge when I was younger. But instead of thinking too much about the past, I've decided to use my time to help young players chase their dreams, offering them the support and skills they need with my program, "Skills Given."

Training for



Worked With



Worked with


College Players

Work with


NBA, G League, Overseas Players

Start Your Trial Today: Real Results, No Stress: One Week of Proven Training to Lift Their Game, Only $97

Worried about where your child hangs out? We know life's busy. Balancing work, family, and finding a good spot for basketball can be tough.

That's where our one week trial shines! We help with controlling the ball, precise footwork, shooting near the basket, proper shooting techniques, and smart gameplay. Soon, you'll see your child playing with more confidence and truly enjoying the game.

Why stress? Come see how we can change things. Begin your child's exciting basketball journey with us today!

What's Included?

One Week of in person training ($197 Value)

Do you worry about where your child spends their time? We get it. With our one week training, your child will be in a safe and good place. They will learn important basketball moves, have fun, and make new friends. You'll see them get better every day. It's a week that will make your child love basketball even more!

Recap videos highlighting what we covered during the one week period ($315 Value)

Ever wonder if your child remembers what they learned? We have you covered! After our one week training, we'll give you videos that show the main points we covered. This way, your child can watch them anytime and keep practicing at home. It's like a fun review, but on video!

Dribble Design: Easy tips for handling the ball ($97 Value)

Basketball starts with good control over the ball. That's why we've got the "Dribble Design" for your child. It's a special guide full of easy tips so they can dribble like a pro! No more fumbles or slips; they'll learn how to keep the ball close and move confidently on the court.

Making the Right Moves: Strategies for Better Footwork ($97 Value)

The secret to great basketball isn't just in the hands; it's in the feet too! With "Making the Right Moves," we'll show your child how to step, pivot, and move with confidence. They'll learn strategies to make their footwork better, helping them move quickly and stay balanced. No more tripping or being left behind; they'll be ready to make moves on the court smoothly!

On Target: The Hidden Techniques of Top Shooters ($97 Value)

Every parent wants to see their child make those perfect shots, one after another. "On Target" is all about that goal. Here, your child will learn the secrets that top players use to score consistently. It's not just about shooting; it's about shooting right. We'll guide them through the techniques, from hand placement to stance, that make all the difference. Soon, you'll watch your child's confidence grow every time they take a shot!

Court Command: Designing Clear Game Strategies ($97 Value)

Understanding the game is as important as playing it. With "Court Command," your child will get the tools to think smart on the court. It's not just about dribbling or shooting; it's about knowing when and where. We'll teach them how to read the game, decide on the best moves, and work as part of a team. As they learn to make clear game plans, you'll see your child not just playing, but leading on the court.

Jump In: Boost Your Child's Basketball Skills in Just One Week for Only $97!

Here's Everything You Get When You Order Today!

  • One week of in person training ($197 Value)

  • Recap videos highlighting what we covered during the one week period ($315 Value)

  • Dribble Design: Easy tips for handling the ball ($297 Value)

  • Making the Right Moves: Strategies for Better Footwork ($297 Value)

  • On Target: The Hidden Techniques of Top Shooters ($297 Value)

  • The Finisher's Playbook: Tips for Scoring Close to the Basket ($297 Value)

  • Court Command: Designing Clear Game Strategies ($297 Value)

Total Value: $1,997

A Basketball Experience They'll Love: One Week, Only...

$297 $97

So, why wait? This deal is more than just practice; it's a chance for your kid to shine even more in basketball. Come join us!

Jump In: Boost Your Child's Basketball Skills in Just One Week for Only $97!


Why is this so cheap?

We want to make it easy for families to try our program. We hope you'll see its value and want to continue. We truly care about your child's success.

We've used other trainers and it didn't work. Why are you different?

We focus on more than just basketball. We help kids grow, build confidence, and make good choices. It's about their overall growth, not just the game.

How do you make sure it's a safe and good place for my child?

We get it, you want the best for your child. That's why we pick our coaches very carefully and have rules to keep things friendly and safe. Every child's well-being is our main focus.

My life is so busy. Can I pick training times that fit my schedule?

Totally! We know parents have a lot on their plate. We offer different times for training. If something comes up, just tell us. We'll try to help.

I've tried teaching my child, but it's not working. How can you help?

It's hard when you try so much, and things don't change. We use special training ways that help kids get better. With our team's help and fun lessons, many kids improve faster with us.

What if my child doesn't like the training?

We want every kid to be happy and enjoy training. If your child doesn't feel good after a few sessions, tell us. We'll do our best to fix it.

Can I get my money back if it doesn't work out?

Yes. If you're not happy after the first week, we'll give you a full refund. We want you to be sure about your choice.

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